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Eco Surfboards

Eco Surfboards

Eco-friendly surfboards are your way of protecting the environment and ensuring that surfing remains a viable and sustainable sport in the future.

Find them in our environmentally friendly online surf shop. Collective's sustainable surfboards, Wooden Surfboards and Stand Up Paddle Boards made from environmentally friendly materials and with sustainability in mind throughout their life cycle.

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Sustainable Surfing

Ecological surfboards, also known as sustainable surfboards, are made from environmentally friendly materials and take into account sustainability throughout their entire life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to their final disposal.

Light, stable & environmentally friendly

Ever since the largest manufacturer of foam blanks was shut down by the California environmental authorities in 2005 due to massive environmental violations, more and more surfers have begun to reflect on the quality of their much-loved surfboards. 

Why buy a non-recyclable surfboard made from toxic chemicals when there are sustainable and robust alternatives such as Wooden paulownia, Paulownia or Plywood surfboards? 

Our collection of wooden surfboards allows you to ride the waves like the Hawaiians - using renewable resources instead of plastic!

Eco Surfboards

Sustainable Surfboards

Collective Surfboards are made from recycled and biodegradable materials, which makes them more sustainable than conventional surfboards.

By using a Collective surfboard you are helping to protect the environment thanks to the sustainable and renewable materials we use for its construction. Take a look at our online surf shop and find the model you like best.

Wooden Surfboards

Wooden surfboards made from the very light paulownia wood were the standards in the middle of the last century - until they were replaced by "foam" surfboards. Today, the environmentally friendly retro wooden surfboards are back!

Wooden Surfboards are a sustainable alternative as they are made from natural wood, which reduces the environmental impact and also gives the board a unique and attractive look.

Wooden Stand Up Paddle Boards are also made from sustainable wood and are an environmentally friendly option for the Stand Up Paddle enthusiast.

Buy your Sustainable Surfboard at Ecosurfshop

Eco Friendly Surfboards

It is important to note that surfing is a sport that requires a healthy and sustainable environment in order to be enjoyed. Ecosurfshop's eco-friendly surfboards are a way to protect the environment and ensure that surfing remains a viable and sustainable sport in the future.

Paulownia surfboards from sustainable brands

Environmentally friendly

At all stages of production - from the cultivation of raw materials to the fair payment of employees and the subsequent recycling- an approach to sustainability applies. 

We carefully select our partner brands. In our Ecosurfshop you will only find wooden surfboards from companies that operate sustainably and whose products meet the highest standards. 

The manufacturers use paulownia wood from sustainable cultivation and eco-resin. As a result, your wooden surfboard does not emit any toxins and is produced as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Reduce your CO2 footprint with the right eco-friendly leash made of recycled materials in our online Ecosurfshop.

Environmentally friendly, high durability and high performance.

Sustainable Online Surf Shop - Ecosurfshop