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Colour Design

Sustainable Surfboards

Collective's sustainable surfboards

Our Collective surfboards are handcrafted by experienced shapers using a recycled blank, plant oil-based resin and non-toxic pigments.

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Collective // Sustainable Surfboard  // Pluma Collective // Sustainable Surfboard  // Pluma
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The Pluma surfboard is a true masterpiece that seamlessly combines high-performance features with cutting-edge technology. Designed to deliver exceptional performance in a wide range of wave conditions, this surfboard...
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Discover the different models of Collective's handcrafted surfboards!

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Choose from the different Collective boards


Longboard "Henrietta" by Collective


Classic single fin longboard, perfect for noseriding and moving on your board.

It is very stable and allows you to have fun even when the waves are very small.

The concave shape of the nose allows you to manoeuvre with ease.


Collective's "Alma" board


Modern version of the old Fish from the 70's.

perfect for getting into the water even when the waves are small.

You will be able to generate a lot of speed due to the flat Scoop-Rockerline and the double concave in the bottom.


Collective "Foval" board


Versatile with the stability of a longboard and the performance of a shortboard.

Suitable for all wave conditions.


Collective "Malibul" board


Very stable and easy to paddle.

It's big rounded nose is perfect for catching waves with ease.

Suitable for different types of waves.


Collective "Flying Fish" board


Fun if you already know the basics of surfing.

Its V-shaped tail and its thickness will allow you to paddle with ease and generate speed.


Collective "Morpheus" board


Works great in a variety of wave conditions.

It has great manoeuvrability and its narrow nose and tail make the board feel less bulky.


Collective's "Vulture Fish" board


Will allow you to surf in all kinds of conditions.

This twin fin board is wide and bulky in the chest area which makes paddling and catching waves much easier.



Collective's sustainable surfboards


Our Collective surfboards are handcrafted by experienced shapers using a recycled blank, plant oil-based resin and non-toxic pigments.


The sustainable polyurethane blanks we use come from a small business called Polyola and are produced just 20km away from our workshop.


These blanks are made from over 80% recycled polyol and MDI-based memory foam which is less toxic for people working with it. 


They also contain a wooden component, making them more durable and dent-resistant.


And while these boards are made to last, if one does happen to break, Polyola can recycle the blank and use it for the production of new ones!

Why choose a Collective surfboard?


When you buy a Collective surfboard you can be sure that you are buying an eco-friendly surfboard.


At Collective we are committed to promoting sustainable manufacturing that respects the environment.


Our passion for sustainability compels us to be responsible to the producers of eco-friendly materials, ensuring that working conditions and wages are fair.


Our years of experience have helped us to employ the most advanced technologies and materials that offer the greatest stability and flexibility for our Collective boards.


Why do we use Paulownia wood?


For our Collective surfboards, we use paulownia wood grown in Spain.


Paulownia is a very fast-growing tree that can reach up to 5 metres in height in its first year of life.


Even when they are cut down, this tree can grow back very quickly.


This characteristic has an impact on the well-being of the environment.


Because of its rapid growth, it helps to combat climate change, as it is capable of capturing up to 10 times more CO2 than other trees.


Its wood is similar to that of ash, with a light, pale tone and pinkish highlights.


This wood is considered one of the lightest with a very good relationship between hardness and density.


The paulownia wood also stands out for its excellent resistance to rot and humidity.


For all these fantastic characteristics and qualities this wood is the best choice for manufacturing sustainable surfboards.



Visit Ecosurfshop and find your Collective surfboard


Collective surfboards are handmade in an eco-friendly way.


By using a Collective surfboard you are helping to protect the environment thanks to the sustainable and renewable materials we use for its construction.


Take a look at our online store and find the model you like the most.


If you have any questions we will be happy to help you.