Kun_tiqi Balsa wood Longboard "Noserider"

This classic amongst wooden longboards is shaped for surfers who love noserides and moves on their surfboard.

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Right now we are improving our surfboard construction technique. All models and sizes that are out of stock will be ONLY available with the new construction. Please write us to get more information, prices and delivery time.

Kun_tiqi`s sustainable Balsa Wood Surfboards

Kun­_tiqi´s ecological Balsa wood Surfboards are handcrafted by experienced shapers in a labour intensive way with sustainable balsa wood.
Most of the imported materials are renewable by using 100% balsa wood blanks and vegatable oil based resin. Due to this the surfing community can make their contribution to preserve our planet by surfing this sustainable wooden surfboards.

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Kun_tiqi Balsa Longboard "Noserider"

This classic amongst longboards is shaped for surfers who love noserides and moves on their Surfboard.
Due to the thickness of the Balsa wood Longboard and the rails this board is very stable and allows surfing on very small and flat waves. In addition it permits stunts and all types of moves.
The concave at the nose allows the longest and most maneuverable nose rides. The bottom is shaped into a slight V to obtain better maneuverability.
Two hardwood stringers give the longboard extra ordinary stability. Nose and tail are also reenforced with hardwood.
Our wooden "Noserider" longboard comes with a US- Finbox.
The optimum wave height for our sustainable Noserider is between 0.2 and 1.5 meters


  • 9'4''X 23''X 3'' Volumen: 72,8 l
  • 9'2'' X 23'' X 2 7/8'' Volumen: 68,6 l
  • 9'0'' X 23'' X 2 7/8'' Volumen: 67,4 l
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