Entre Tiburones y Espíritus

Entre Tiburones y Espíritus (Between Sharks and Spirits)

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Entre tiburones y espíritus

(Book only available in Spanish)

A tour illustrated by the great characters of the history of surfing. They are stories of lives around the sea, of the pioneer wild years, of heroines and obsessions for big waves. But it is also the narration of the improvements, innovations and changes that surfing has experienced since its birth and during the past decades, as well as a tour through some of the most mythical waves of the planet.

This journey illustrated by the history of surfing and its protagonists is a different approach, which puts in value, also through the illustration, the particular stories that have built what today has become a global sport.

It will interest, as a different and original vision, to the surf lovers, but alsocause, those who approach the waves for the first time moved by the passion that surfing causes, its history and its values.

Texts by Carlos Sánchez Valdivieso, illustrations by María Pérez Ballester.

Hard cover with 143 pages

Authors: C. Sánchez and M. Pérez

Language: Spanish

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