Scarfini Eco Fin Fiver FCS Set of 5 Fins

A high performance Eco Fin made with 3 natural materials:Hemp Base, Cork Core and Bamboo Tip.

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Scarfini Eco Fiver FCS

The Scarfini Eco Fin FCS 1 System.

The template is well balanced with a medium base and medium tip. Ideal for any type of surfboard in all wave conditions.


The high performance Eco Fin is made with a hemp base followed by a Cork Core and a Bamboo Tip. Hemp is one of the strongest natural textile fibres, making it excellent for a rigid fin base. Cork provides weight reduction, combined with a Bamboo tip pattern, it replicates a solid fins flex.

You can surf this set of 5 fins as you prefer, either with a combination of 3 or 4.

With this set you can surf your board as you prefer, either as Thruster or as Quad.

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