REBEL Eco Thruster Fins from recycled fishing nets

REBEL produces these long-lasting Eco Thruster Fins in Germany using recycled fishing nets with "Closed-Loop-Production".

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REBEL Eco Thruster Fins made from recycled fishing nets

Plastic waste in the oceans and on land is a huge problem for our planet. These new Thruster Fins are made entirely from fishing nets that were fished out of the sea or discarded on land as plastic waste. In fact, about 10 percent of the plastic waste floating in the oceans worldwide comes from the fishing industry, plus large amounts of fishing gear in ports.

Quality Eco Surfboard Fins Made in Germany

The reusable material is collected, cleaned, and processed into usable raw materials. REBEL produces these Thruster Fins with the recycled materials and adds the former fishing nets back to the production cycle. The production takes place in-house, there are no outsourced production processes that unnecessarily increase the ecological footprint. Also, REBEL uses green electricity for the production and thus manages to relieve the otherwise CO2-intense production chain.

Environmental advantages:

  • less CO2 emissions during production
  • less plastic waste
  • lower consumption of raw fossil materials
  • Made in Germany in house, no outsourced production

Advantages for you surfing with REBEL:

Surf with the sustainably produced Thruster Fins by REBEL and benefit from the very long durability. The fins offer excellent flex and performance. With the purchase of your fin, you make an active contribution to the reduction of CO2 and plastic waste.

Note: The environmentally friendly alternative is the almost climate neutral REBEL Thruster Fins made of renewable resources.

The characteristics of the REBEL Thruster Fins at a glance:

Size: M

System: FCS1 (Future Fins soon available)

Developed and manufactured in Germany

"Closed Loop Production" - leftovers from production are reused

The production is done with green electricity.

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