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Classic Legendary Bottle| STANLEY X Kun_tiqi

The STANLEY X Kun_tiqi collaboration features the Stanley Classic Legendary Thermo Bottle. In line with the Kun_tiqi vision, Stanley products combine sustainability with endurance. A good product isn’t designed for single-use, but is built to last a lifetime.

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This is why Kun_tiqi is collaborating with Stanley, as Stanley products follow an eco-conscious model and are built to last.

Stanley products are designed for eco-conscious buyers and are crafted using unrivalled technology. The Stanley Classic Legendary Thermo Bottle is 25OZ, 0.75L and now comes in colours Hammertone Green. Its slim, easy-to-grip model features a twist-and-pour stopper as well as an insulated lid. Made from dishwasher safe, 18/8 Stainless Steel, the Stanley bottle is leakproof and packable. Its insulated lip doubles as a cup making it perfect for trips and adventures in the outdoors. Specs include a weight of 598g and dimensions 89 H x 89 W x 298 L mm.

Designed for stewards of a sustainable future, the Stanley thermo bottle and thermo travel mug ensure that beverages are kept either hot or cold for twenty hours and iced for four days. Stanley products are a step towards a more sustainable future in which single-use, toxic waste is no longer a key feature of modern-day societies. The brand Kun_tiqi has a similar dream in its hope that one day, all surfboards will be handcrafted from sustainable materials and no longer play a role in toxic production lines.

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