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Eco-Springsuit 2/2 Picture Organic Clothing GRACY Palmer W

The stylish springsuit Picture Gracy with motion pattern provides excellent comfort. The eco-friendly high bottom springsuit is made of EicoPrene, the non-petroleum-based alternative to neoprene.


Springsuit for women made with EicoPrene

EicoPrene is made of 30 % recycled tires and 70 % limestone. This environmentally friendly foam offers the same advantages as neoprene, but without the negative environmental impact. This makes the Gracy 2/2 an ideal springsuit for your surf sessions in the summer.

Solvent-free Aqua-A™ glue

Picture wants to produce their products as sustainably as possible. For the lamination process the company uses the solvent-free Aqua-A™ glue. This glue does not contain environmentally harmful chemicals and makes the Picture Gracy 2/2 springsuit an eco-friendly wetsuit for summertime surf sessions.

Easy paddling and super comfortable

The Picture Gracy 2/2 springsuit for women comes with a comfortable front zip. For additional comfort and ease of paddling, this high bottom wetsuit does not have any sewings on the armpits. It is also fitted with a special shoulder construction which features your natural arm movement and makes paddling more easy.

More details about the EicoPrene-Suit

  •     eco-springsuit for women Picture Gracy 2/2
  •     front zipper
  •     80 % EicoPrene, 10 % recycled polyamide, 10 % recycled polyester
  •     Aqua-A™ glue
  •     b-stitched anti-irritation
  •     no stitching under arms
  •     color: Palmer Fish

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