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Kun_tiqi Balsa Surfboard "70ties Singlefin"

This Kun_tiqi balsa wood surfboard combines the classic shape of the 70ties with modern shapes and gives this wooden surfboard a very loose surf feel.

Keep in mind that our boards are made by hand in our workshop from scratch, the average waiting time since the surfboard is ordered is 8-10 weeks. Please contact us for more information.

Kun_tiqi`s sustainable Balsa Wood Surfboards

Kun­_tiqi´s ecological Balsa wood Surfboards are handcrafted by experienced shapers in a labour intensive way with sustainable balsa wood.
Most of the imported materials are renewable by using 100% balsa wood blanks and vegatable oil based resin. Due to this the surfing community can make their contribution to preserve our planet by surfing this sustainable wooden surfboards.

70´s Singlefin

The classic shape of the 70´s combined with modern shape gives this wooden Kun_tiqi surfboard a very loose surf feeling together with very good maneuverability and speed. The single fin and the sharp edge at the back enables these characteristics.

This sustainable surfboard can be surfed well in small and powerless waves even in fast and hollow waves. Quick edge changes are made possible by the V in the bottom, which also aids heightened maneuverability. This wooden Singlefin comes with a US- Finbox and Future Fin Boxes for Side Fins.

Length: 6´6´´

Width: 19 1/2´´

Thickness: 2 5/8´´

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