Kun_tiqi Wooden Surfboard "Orca"

Kun_tiqi`s sustainable wooden Surfboards are handcrafted by experienced shapers in a labour intensive way...

Keep in mind that our boards are made by hand in our workshop from scratch, the average waiting time since the surfboard is ordered is 8-10 weeks. Please contact us for more information.

Kun_tiqi`s sustainable Balsa Wood Surfboards

Kun­_tiqi´s ecological Balsa wood Surfboards are handcrafted by experienced shapers in a labour intensive way with sustainable balsa wood.
Most of the imported materials are renewable by using 100% balsa wood blanks and vegatable oil based resin. Due to this the surfing community can make their contribution to preserve our planet by surfing this sustainable wooden surfboards.

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Orca Surfboard

The Orca is your small wave weapon in handy travel size. The flat rocker generates speed and makes it easy to catch waves. The volume in the rails makes it very stable and forgiving.
Careful: It does not help to make friends in crowded lineups or smaller surf!
Two hardwood stringers give the board extraordinary stability. Nose and tail are reinforced with hardwood.
The ideal wave height for this board is 0.4 to 1.5 meters.
The Orca contains one US center fin box and two Future fin boxes for two side fins. 

This Surfboard is also as 5 fin setup available. Please contact us for further information.

Available in:

  • 6'4'' X 21'' X 2 1/2''
  • 6'6'' X 21 1/4'' X 2 5/8''

Please contact us for further questions

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