Kun_tiqi Balsa Surfboard "Fegg"

Kun_tiqi`s sustainable Balsa Wood Eggs are handcrafted by experienced shapers in a labour intensive way.

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Right now we are improving our surfboard construction technique. All models and sizes that are out of stock will be ONLY available with the new construction. Please write us to get more information, prices and delivery time.

Kun_tiqi`s sustainable Balsa Wood Surfboards

Kun­_tiqi´s ecological Balsa wood Surfboards are handcrafted by experienced shapers in a labour intensive way with sustainable balsa wood.
Most of the imported materials are renewable by using 100% balsa wood blanks and vegatable oil based resin. Due to this the surfing community can make their contribution to preserve our planet by surfing this sustainable wooden surfboards.

Surfboard Fat Egg

You are looking for a high paddle comfort, wave catching ability and a stable surfboard? But you find a Longboard too bulky?

Then we have the right one for you: The Fegg.

The comfortable travel length with a lot of volume offers loads of fun in small to shoulder high waves. The wide round tail permits enough manoeuvrability without sacrificing stability and planing ability.

By keeping the rocker relatively flat it keeps its speed and helps to go through flat sections. The Fegg is made in a hollow Balsa wood construction and with 2 hardwood and tail and nose reinforcements.

The center fin box with 2 Future Side fin boxes offers many possible fin setups: Singlefin, 2+1 or Thruster: It’s your choice.


  • 7'4'' X 22 1/4'' X 2 7/8''
  • 7'8'' X 22  1/2'' X 2 7/8''
  • 8'0'' X 22 5/8''   X 2 7/8''
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