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Balsa Wood Surfboards by Kun_tiqi

Buy Kun_tiqi Wooden balsa wood surfboards in retro design 

The carefully handcrafted Wooden Surfboards from Kun_tiqi are available in various shapes. Find out more about the surfboards & place your order in our online surf shop!

Kun_tiqi Wooden Surfboards - Kun_tiqi for surfriders who care

Kun_tiqi adopts the latest technological developments to make its wooden surfboards as environmentally friendly as possible. Learn more about the stylish retro shapes made from sustainable materials.

What makes Kun_tiqi's Balsa Wood Surfboards stand out?

With Kun_tiqi's wooden surfboards you are guaranteed to purchase an eco-friendly surfboard made from sustainable materials. The company is committed to treating nature and people with the utmost respect. Kun_tiqi takes not only its ecological responsibility but also its social responsibility seriously - rewarding manufacturers of organic materials with fair salaries and ensuring that appropriate working conditions are adhered to. For the surfboards, the brand uses the latest technologies and materials to ensure optimal stability and flexibility.

So why Balsa wood?

Initially, surfboards were made of hard and heavy wood like redwood or cedar and weighed up to 60 kg. With the invention of fiberglass, balsa wood revolutionized the surfing industry after the end of World War II. The legendary surfer Tom Blake combined the ultra-light balsa wood with an innovative hollow construction that made it much easier for surfers to manoeuvre the waves. 

In the past decades, the market was dominated by foamboards that were harmful to the environment. Today the Wooden surfboards made from eco-friendly materials and sustainably cultivated balsa wood are on the rise again. They are perfect for all surfers who opt for sustainable surfing experience.

The particularly low weight of balsa wood makes it ideal for surfboards. It is the lightest of the known wood varieties. When well maintained, Kun_tiqi surfboards can last 5 times longer than conventional foamboards and are completely recyclable

Kun_tiqi - for Surfers who care! 

The eco-materials in Balsa Surfboards by Kun_tiqi

The core component of the surfboard is sustainably grown balsa wood (Ocroma Pyramidale) from the coastal region of Ecuador. Balsa is a deciduous tree and can reach a height of up to ten metres with a diameter of 30 to 40 centimetres within three to four years. Balsa wood is a fast growing biodegradable raw material and is therefore an excellent sustainable material for the production of surfboards.

The Polyester resin, which is used in conventional surfboard production, is the most toxic component of the surfboard. Kun_tiqi has spent many years exploring eco-friendly alternatives and is now using an eco-resin, most of which is derived from vegetable oil. As far as environmentally friendly resins for aqua sports are concerned, this eco resin represents the cutting-edge development. Further advantages include:

- high UV resistance,

- good transparency

- extreme durability and

- fewer splits and cracks in the laminate.

The glass fiber mats used for lamination are made of quartz sand. Thanks to the high compressive and breaking strength of balsa wood, small quantities of glass fiber are adequate for laminating. The leash is attached to a bioplastic plug.

Choose between Balsa shortboards and longboards

- Balsa Longboard "Noserider" - ideal for very small waves and stunts. 

Balsa wood longboard "Performer" - relatively strong rocker and narrow tail offers agility and good maneuverability. The V in the bottom facilitates a quicker edge change during radical turns.

- Balsawood Mini Simmons "Bean" - extremely short, wide & thick to give you the most exciting surfing experience of a lifetime; it lets you surf like you were on a skateboard.

Balsa Surfboard "60s Singlefin" - with sharp edges in the rear - provides a very relaxed surfing sensation and good maneuverability.

- Surfboard "70s Singlefin" made of balsa wood - combines classic & modern shape to create an excellent relaxed surfing experience.

- Balsa Surfboard "Egg" - lets you enjoy the sensation of longboard glides and easy turns, ideal for those switching from longboard to shortboard.

- Balsa Surboard "Evo" - perfect for advanced and heavy surfers for whom a classic shortboard is too small.

- Balsa Surf Rider "Malibu" - excellent trimming adjustments and extremely versatile due to the use of different types of fins.

- Balsa Wood Surfboard "Orca" - the compact secret weapon for small waves.

- Balsa Wood Surfboard Thruster "Pheni" - fast and agile mix between shortboard and fish; the perfect all-rounder.

- Balsa Surfboard "Retro Fish" - perfect for weak swells and wind waves thanks to its width and full edges.

- Kun_tiqi Balsa Surfboard "Fegg" - offers high paddle comfort and stability.


Get your Kun_tiqi Wooden balsa wood surfboards in our Ecosurfshop 

Get your eco-friendly Balsa Wooden Surfboard from Kun_tiqi and enjoy a unique handcrafted product with optimal stability and agility. Surfing on a surfboard of renewable materials gives you a great surfing experience sensation, while you help preserve our planet and ecosystems. Compare our stylish and very durable wooden surfboards and purchase your preferred size surfboard in our online surf shop! If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.

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