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Ecosurfshop: for Surfers who care - your online surf shop!

Ecosurfshop: for Surfers who care - your online surf shop!

Our surf shop offers quality wooden surfboards, eco-friendly wetsuits and sustainable clothing.

Ecosurfshop: for our planet and oceans

Sustainability preserves the natural regenerative capacity of our ecosystems and living organisms. A conscious approach to consumption helps us safeguard the planet and the place we surfers so much love - our oceans. A sustainable approach to textile production, especially clothing made from recycled materials, eco wetsuits and wooden surfboards ensures that natural and human resources are treated with respect and fairness.

What does sustainability mean?

Put simply, sustainability means that no more resources may be consumed than can grow back or regenerate. The natural regenerative capacity of a system must be maintained. In order for future generations to have sufficient resources at their disposal, we have to treat them with care today. In the ideal case, sustainability takes into consideration ecological, economic and social factors. It takes into account the cultivation of raw materials, processing, production and the fair treatment of employees. 

Ecosurfshop partners with companies that value sustainability

Our online eco-friendly surf store has everything you need to enjoy the beach and waves in an eco-friendly way:

- Balsa wood surfboards,
- Fair trade surf gear made from organic cotton,
- eco-friendly wetsuits and
- recycled leashes. 

Our daily operations are guided by an understanding of the environmental and social impact of our actions, and we expect the same from our partner companies. In the surf shop you will only find clothing and surf products from companies that have a sustainable manufacturing process. These Eco brands have established sustainability in their entire corporate philosophy and operate in accordance with its principles.

Sustainability: Wooden Surfboards & Accessories from Kun_tiqi

Most surfboards today are made out of foam containing harmful materials such as petroleum, polyurethane and polystyrene. Since the closure of "Clark Foam", the largest manufacturer of Surfboard Blanks, by the California environmental authorities in 2005, more and more environmentally conscious surfers have been looking for an alternative.

Kun_tiqi manufactures sustainable high quality balsa wooden surfboards

The company thus offers an environmentally friendly, classy, stylish and above all durable alternative to conventional epoxy and polyester surfboards. 

The shapers work with very light balsa wood using ecological resin, a unique biodegradable raw material which is compostable after use, does not emit any toxins and is an excellent environmentally friendly method for shaping blanks for surfers. 

Kun_tiqi also has sustainable apparel such as T-shirts, hoodies and other environmentally friendly accessories such as recycled surfboard leashes on offer.

Kun_tiqi also offers sustainable clothing such as T-shirts, hoodies and other environmentally friendly accessories such as recycled surfboard leashes.

Kun_tiqi is a socially aware company that considers ecological as well as economic and social aspects in its business model. The team pays special attention to the fair payment of the producers and the observance of appropriate working conditions. Check out the wooden surfboards and other accessories in our online surf shop.

Sustainable clothing and wetsuits from Patagonia

Having started out as a small company producing accessories for climbers, Patagonia, based in California, is now active worldwide and produces high-quality accessories for nature sports enthusiasts. Patagonia's mission is to preserve the environment and our home planet. These are its values:

- Producing the best product with functionality, reparability and durability in mind. Sustainability for Patagonia means making products that will last for many years or are recyclable so that the materials used can be used for as long as possible. 

- Do no harm! Patagonia recognizes that doing business is associated with pollution. As a result, employees continue to optimize all their business practices.

- Inspire other companies to follow this example and develop solutions to the current environmental challenges.

Patagonia offers environmentally friendly products with fair production costs for surfers and other nature sports enthusiasts. The high quality sustainable clothing consists of materials such as recycled polyester, hemp and organic cotton. The company supports hundreds of environmental organizations and promotes fair working conditions throughout the supply chain. 

Ethletic strives for sustainability: fair trade shoes & sneakers

The brand Ethletic is specialized in the production of vegan fair trade shoes that stand out due to their excellent wearing comfort leaving the owner and manufacturer feeling good. Ethletic is committed to fair and sustainable business relations with its suppliers through fair pay and decent working conditions. Its stated aim is to offer shoes and sneakers that offer customers beauty, style, modernity, comfort and fairness. 

Ethletic shoes do not contain any animal ingredients and are 100 per cent vegan! The raw materials come from agricultural regions where neither monocultures nor overexploitation pose a threat to the habitat of animals.

For the manufacturer, sustainability is a top priority and not maximum profit. The natural rubbers used in these eco-friendly shoes have both FSC® and Fairtrade certification. They are made from organic cotton and are grown on plantations with no toxic chemicals or pesticides. Your Ethletic Fair-Trade sneakers help protect your health and the environment.

Picture: the sustainable company with wetsuits made of natural rubber

A sustainable outfit that looks cool and has as little negative impact on the environment as possible; that is the mission of the three ambitious Frenchmen behind the brand Picture. Since its foundation in 2008, the company has been producing its products in accordance with strict standards of sustainability. A large part of the clothing for women and men consists of organic cotton and recycled polyester. Eco wetsuits made of natural rubber have been part of the product line since 2017.

Look through our range now and buy your sustainably manufactured products conveniently in our online surf shop!



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