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    handmade with balsa wood.

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    Organic and Fair Trade cotton clothing.

  • Ecosurfshop Patagonia Wetsuits
To keep our planet and ocean clean...

To keep our planet and ocean clean...

We offer you the most eco friendly and ethical surf products available. In our ecological surfshop you'll find all you need to enjoy your ride: wooden surfboards, fair traded organic surf clothingeco wetsuits and recycled leashes.

Everything is made of natural or recycled materials, so you don't harm the place we surfers love so much - our ocean. And thanks to the effort of environmentally friendly and socially conscious brands like Patagonia, Kun_tiqi and GreenFix, Ecosurfshop.eu is able to offer you a selection of the most eco friendly, high quality surf hardware, accessories and surf clothing.

We only select brands for our online surfshop, which totally include the sustainable attitude in their corporate philosophy. Ecosurfshop.eu backs on an integral ecological and social behavior and we live this philosophy day by day. As we consider the environment and the social effects in every step, we expect the same from our partner companies too.



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