Scarfini: Handmade & sustainable Eco Fins

Scarfini uses  leading ecological materials and technology to produce eco-friendly surfboard fins for surfers who care about our planet. The fins support your style with excellent performance, the shape generates additional speed and maneuverability at the same time. Scarfini Eco Fins are made from surfers for surfers.

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The eco-fin-series for sustainable surfing

Equip your surfboards with Scarfini Eco Fins and enjoy the great feeling of surfing with handmade and sustainable produced fins. Scarfini uses three natural materials: Hemp for the base, Cork for the core, and Bamboo for the tip.

  • Natural hemp ist one of the world's strongest natural textile fibres, making it an excellent material for the rigid fin base.
  • Cork is a very light material and provides a weight reduction.
  • The combination of Cork in the core and the Bamboo tip enables a solid fins flex.

The product range includes Thruster Eco Fins, Quad Eco Fins, a 5-Fin-Setup, Eco Twin Fins, and Eco Longboard Fins.

Scarfini was founded by two surfing brothers

The name Scarfini belongs to the brothers Jonathan and Denis from Italy. They both started surfing when they were 18 years old and ended up as addicted to the surfing sport as all of us.

Searching for better waves, Jonathan moved to Durban in South Africa and Denis to Brazil. A few years later Jonathan started to design surfboards and fins in his garage. The quality of his fins exceeded the quality of his boards. After a short time, his friends started surfing with his fins and local shapers were ordering his Thruster Eco Fins. To further improve the new business, Denis moved from Brazil to Durban and the two brothers founded Scarfini Fins. Today the company is known by surfers around the world and highly recognized for the sustainably produced Eco Fins with excellent performance.

Compare the offered Eco Fins for your shortboard, fish, funboard and longboard with Single-, Thruster-, Quad- or 5-Fin-Setup now online in!

Rebel Fins: sustainable Eco- Surfboard Fins Made in Germany 

The resource-saving Rebel Fins from Hamburg in Germany are produced as environmentally friendly as possible. They deliver outstanding performance with high stiffness and good bending strength at low weight. The combination of recycled plastic and carbon fiber materials enables the long durability of these pure and beautiful surf fins.

Eco fins from Closed-Loop Production

Our world suffers from many foolish uses of plastic, but the material can be ideal for surf fins. 

Closed-Loop Production means recycling of production waste into the material cycle: The raw material used by Rebel Fin for the Eco Single Fins is 100% recycled plastic and reused carbon from car manufacturing that otherwise would be disposed of. The carbon fiber compound (CFK) on a PA basis leads to excellent characteristics regarding

  • durability,
  • stiffness and
  • flex

Rebel Fins combines the retro style perfectly with today's modern times.

Closed-Loop Production of the Eco Thruster Fins

Rebel Fins produces the Eco-Thruster Fins from renewable raw materials (almost) climate-neutrally. As materials serve 100% recycled fishing nets (PP) and biopolymers such as PCL, PHA, and PLA. Additionally, natural resins, biological additives, and natural reinforcing fibers are used. The Eco Thruster Surfboard Fins in size M are suitable for your Shortboard, Fish, and Funboard.

Resource-saving Production

In addition to the use of production waste, Rebel Fins optimizes all manufacturing elements for the most sustainable products possible. The manufacturing is done entirely in-house using 100% green electricity. There are no outsourced processes and thus short transport distances.

The focus on sustainable production runs through the entire manufacturing process and ends with the packaging, which is produced regionally in Hamburg from recycled cardboard.

Rebel Fins sets standards in sustainability

The creators of Rebel Fins are both surfers and actively involved in marine conservation. One of them has been working for years in plastics production and is intensively engaged in alternative plastics. As a partner of 1% for the Planet, the company donates one percent of its annual turnover to the Surfrider Foundation.

Check out the single and thruster fins from Rebel Fins and order now at our Ecosurfshop online store!