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Shop in our online surf shop for wooden surfboards, shortboards, longboards and SUPs made from sustainable balsa wood, as well as accessories such as inventions made from recycled materials.

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Wooden Surfboards

Your balsa wood surfboard and Stand Up Paddle in our online shop.

Find our handcrafted longboards and shortboards designs made of strong and sustainable balsa wood at Ecosurfshop.eu.

Balsa wood, being very light, was the preferred material for shapers to make wooden surfboards in the middle of the last century. With the foam boom, balsa wood was relegated to second place as foam boards were quicker and cheaper to make than handcrafted wooden boards.

Today, eco-friendly wooden surfboards have made a comeback due to their unique designs and high durability and sustainability!

Order your Wooden Surfboards and SUPs online!

You can now buy wooden shortboards, longboards and SUPs made of sustainably cultivated balsa wood and accessories like a recycled leash in our online surf shop!

Wooden Surfboards: Robust & eco-friendly shortboards and longboards at Ecosurfshop.eu

Wooden surfboards made from the very light balsa wood were the standards in the middle of the last century - until they were replaced by "foam" surfboards. Today, the environmentally friendly retro wooden surfboards are back!

Eco Surfboards and SUPs from balsa wood: Light, stable & environmentally friendly

Ever since the largest manufacturer of foam blanks was shut down by the California environmental authorities in 2005 due to massive environmental violations, more and more surfers have begun to reflect on the quality of their much-loved surfboards. Why buy a non-recyclable surfboard made from toxic chemicals when there are sustainable and robust alternatives such as Wooden Balsa, Paulownia or Plywood surfboards? Our collection of wooden surfboards allows you to ride the waves like the Hawaiians - using renewable resources instead of plastic!

Performance: Get more speed in weak corners with our wooden surfboards

When it comes to performance, the main advantage of a balsa wood surfboard over a foam board is its higher level of rigidity and lower flex. The low flex enables more speed in weak sections and makes your surfboard faster. This gives you a secure feeling when paddling a wave and makes even small waves easier. The environmentally friendly wooden Eco Surfboards absorb irregularities in rough waves better and are ideal for the conditions at home in the Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic Sea. Enjoy more control in windy conditions and rough waves than you would with a foam board.

Environmentally friendly: Balsa surfboards from sustainable brands

At all stages of production - from the cultivation of raw materials to the fair payment of employees and the subsequent recycling- an approach to sustainability applies. We carefully select our partner brands. In our Ecosurfshop you will only find wooden surfboards from companies that operate sustainably and whose products meet the highest standards. 

The manufacturers use balsa wood from sustainable cultivation and eco-resin. As a result, your wooden surfboard does not emit any toxins and is produced as environmentally friendly as possible. Reduce your CO2 footprint with the right eco-friendly leash made of recycled materials in our online Ecosurfshop.

Durable: Balsa surfboards last up to five times longer

Balsa wood is characterized by its light weight and long durability. With good care you can surf with your wooden surfboard five times longer than with a foam board, making your contribution to sustainable consumption.

Cool retro design: each balsa surfboard is unique

Stand out in the lineup with the cool retro design of our balsa boards. The aesthetic beauty of the surfboards inspires surfers of all levels, pros and beginners alike. No two boards are the same, each one is unique and specially handcrafted. 

The advantages of the Balsa Wooden Surfboards at a glance

- Higher stiffness and reduced flex for more speed.

- Balsa surfboards better absorb unevenness in waves that don’t break perfectly.

- Eco-friendly: sustainably made from environmentally friendly and renewable materials.

- Cool retro design, also available in single-fin style.

- Each handmade wooden surfboard is unique.

- With good care, your balsa wood surfboard will last 5 times longer than a foam board.

Carefully choose the right Balsa surfboard for you

The choice of your Balsa Surfboard depends on factors such as weight, fitness, riding ability, wave quality and your personal preferences. The volume of the surfboard serves as a good orientation. 

How much volume does my wooden surfboard need?

More volume means better buoyancy. Surfers who weigh more will need a thicker surfboard with more volume. Surfers with a lower body weight, better fitness or higher riding ability will opt for a board with less volume. The information provided in the table below is intended as a rough guide.

Body weight in kg

Skill level:

Skill level: Intermediate beginner 


































A Pro surfer with a body weight of 75 kg will surf a board with about 27 litres in good conditions. An advanced/good surfer with the same weight and a lower skill level as well as fitness level is happier with a board of about 30 litres. Wooden surfboards with more volume make paddling easier and you get the waves easier. We are happy to advise you on your choice.

The shape of your wooden surfboard

Apart from the volume, the shape determines the performance of your surfboard. Balsa surfboards are available in different shapes with a broad classification into shortboards, funboards and longboards. Singlefin wooden surfboards with retro shapes are especially popular. Check out the product descriptions in detail for comparison.

For rivers, lakes and endless waves: Wood Stand Up Paddle Boards

Surf on the water every day with your Stand Up Balsa Paddle Surfboard. You will cruise lakes and rivers and improve your fitness and balance. Once the next swell arrives, you'll be one of the first to hit the water with your SUP wooden board and can paddle or ride the smallest waves. The hollow shaped Wooden SUPs made from balsa wood are impressive because of their low weight.

Buy eco-friendly wooden Surfboards and Balsa SUPs at Ecosurfshop

Our online surf shop offers quality and environmentally friendly surfing accessories from sustainable brands. Compare the Wooden Surfboards on offer and get the wooden surfboard of your choice in our online surf shop now!