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Women's Eco Wetsuits made by Patagonia and Picture

The eco-friendly wetsuits for women are made of environmentally friendly natural rubber instead of the environmentally harmful petroleum-based neoprene. Discover more about the benefits of Patagonia and Picture wetsuits for you and the environment!


Patagonia women's wetsuits from renewable natural rubber

Patagonia's mission is to produce high-performance wetsuits that are as environmentally friendly and durable as possible. With the neoprene-free wetsuits made of natural rubber, the brand has found an excellent alternative; the new wetsuits are now even lighter and more elastic.


Origin and advantages of Yulex™ Natural rubber for the environment

The non-renewable product neoprene, found in conventional suits is extracted from the petroleum-based product butadiene under high energy consumption. The sustainable alternative is the renewable Yulex™ natural rubber. 


The natural rubber used for the Patagonia wetsuits comes from Hevea trees, a rich source of rubber for more than 30 years. The extremely robust and flexible material is the first choice for high-end products such as aircraft tires and is therefore also ideal for women's wetsuits. 

Originally, the production of natural rubber was closely linked to the destruction of forests in developing countries. However, thanks to Hevea plantations with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, Patagonia is now using this high-performance alternative to replace neoprene wetsuits. A further benefit is that since the material is produced by trees instead of factories, the production emits up to 80 percent less CO2.



Benefit from even more freedom of movement with the women's wetsuit

The high-quality wetsuits made of natural rubber have been on the market since 2016 and now even better. The latest generation is 20 percent more elastic than its predecessors. You can look forward to unrestricted freedom of movement in your eco-friendly wetsuit. Thanks to the improvements, Yulex™ wetsuits for women are also more comfortable and lighter.


Fair Trade Certified Wetsuits™ for women by Patagonia


Patagonia is a brand dedicated to sustainability throughout its manufacturing process, and this also applies to its suppliers' employees. They receive fair wages and the factories comply with Fair Trade USA's safe and healthy working conditions.

Patagonia offers warranty on women's wetsuits


The familiar full warranty on Patagonia products also applies to the eco-friendly wetsuits from Yulex™. To ensure your women's fullsuit provides optimum protection for many years, you should rinse it with fresh water after each use. Hang the suit up at your waist to dry. Do not overstretch fabric and seams when suiting up and taking off your wetsuit.


Selecting the right neoprene-free women's fullsuits for the right water temperature


Your Patagonia wetsuit made from FSC-certified natural rubber is the eco-friendly alternative to conventional wetsuits. The women's wetsuits, which are now even lighter and more elastic, are designed for warm and cold water:


- R1 Lite Yulex™ with 2 mm natural rubber can be worn at water temperatures between 18-23°C.


- R1 Yulex™ with 3/2.5 mm keeps you warm for a long time in fresh water temperatures of 16-18°C.


- The R2 Yulex™ front-zip or back zip full suit for women with 3.5/3 mm fabric protects you from freezing at temperatures between 13-16°C.


- During the weather-changing periods when water temperatures range between 9-13°C, the R3 Yulex™ Front-zip or Backzip Full Suit with 4.5/3.5 mm will keep you warm.


- Protect yourself from cool water temperatures of 3-9°C with an R4 Yulex™ Front-zip or Backzip Full Suit with 5.5/4 mm thick natural rubber.


- Brave icy water temperatures of around 0-3°C with the R5 Yulex™ Front-Zip Hooded Full Suit for women with 6.5/5.5 mm thick natural rubber.


Neoprene-free Eco Wetsuits for Women by Picture Organic Clothing

Another environmentally friendly alternative to conventional neoprene suits are the new wetsuits made of natural rubber from Picture. Picture's women's wetsuits are made of 85 percent natural rubber and 15 percent synthetic rubber without any petroleum products. Just like with Patagonia, the raw material comes from an FSC®-certified Hevea plantation. Thanks to the integration of microparticles, the suit stretches up to four times its original size to allow maximum freedom of movement. Other materials used include solvent-free glue Aqua-A™ and recycled plastic bottles.

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For surfing sessions in cold water you will also find matching hoods as well as round toe and split toe booties in our neoprene collection. Compare our offers and buy your Patagonia women's wetsuit made of Yulex™ natural rubber now in our online surf shop!

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