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Surfboard Racks

Buy Surfboard Bicycle Rack 

If you plan to transport your surfboard on your bike, a stable surfboard rack is the perfect solution. Get your surfboard rack now in our online surf shop!

Purchase your surfboard bicycle carrier online and enjoy CO2 free surfing

Get to your favourite surf spot quickly and safely with our surfboard carrier.
The easily mounted carrier can be used to carry surfboards of up to 8" in length.

The surfboard rack for your bike at home & during vacation.

Is your closest surf spot only a few kilometres away from your front door or would you like to take a relaxing ride carrying your surfboard to the Pointbreak? Then a bicycle is the best way to get to the spot. Avoiding trips by car is good way to protect the environment and save you money. The warm-up session from the bike ride gets your circulatory system going, and at the same time helps you train your leg muscles. A stable surfboard rack enables you to comfortably transport your surfboard to the beach, while keeping it in good condition. 

Also take a look at the eco-friendly wooden surfboards in our collection. They are produced in accordance with high ecological and social standards. Balsa wood is the environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional epoxy and fiberglass boards. To ensure that your surfing experience remains sustainable, we recommend using a wetsuit made of renewable natural rubber instead of neoprene.

Benefits of the bicycle surfboard rack

The surfboard rack keeps your surfboard in a safe and secure position - the padding protects your board from bumps and bumps. High-quality models can be assembled quickly and the supporting brackets can be easily removed with a click when not in use. Instead of carrying the board under your arm, an easy and safe way to transport it to your surf spot is the bicycle surfboard rack. You are also protected from side winds, thus increasing road traffic safety.

Note: When attached to the seat post, the rack does not damage the paint on your bike. Make sure you set the seat post diameter to fit. 

Practical tip: Surfboard racks of stainless aluminium

To ensure light weight and durability, high-quality surfboard racks are made of light and sturdy aluminium. Padded carrier arms protect your surfboard, board socks or board bags keep dirt and sunlight away. So equipped you can safely cover longer distances with your surfboard.

Order your Surfboard rack in our online surf shop

Ride to your favourite surf spot with our high-quality surfboard racks. You can also take the racks along with you on your next vacation and explore new surf spots by bike. Compare the offers and place your order now in our online surf shop!

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