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Eco-Springsuit 2/2 Picture Organic Clothing BONNIE Petals W

The Bonnie is your colorful and comfortable 2/2 Springsuit. It's made with EicoPrene instead of neoprene, which is a non-petroleum-based and thus eco-friendly foam.


Springsuit for surfing made with EicoPrene

While classic petroleum-based neoprene has a bad environmental impact, EicoPrene has not. The innovative material is based on a mix of limestone (70 %) and recycled tires (30 %). This way, the Bonnie 2/2 springsuit offers the same benefits as neoprene wetsuits, but without the environmental disadvantages.

As green as possible: solvent-free Aqua-A™ glue

The company Picture Organic Clothing pursues a clear mission: They want to develop and produce their springsuits as eco-friendly as possible. Besides using EicoPrene instead of neoprene, other the solvent-free Aqua-A™ glue replaces the standard glue.

Easy and comfortable paddling

The Picture Bonnie 2/2 Springsuit for women also includes stitching free zones on the armpits and is designed for a comfortable and super easy paddling. In addition the b-stitched anti-irritation seams ensure a perfect fit.

More details about your eco-wetsuit

  • Eco-springsuit for women Picture Bonnie 2/2
  • wetsuit in 2/2 mm for the summer
  • 80 % EicoPrene, 10 % recycled polyamide, 10 % recycled polyester
  • Aqua-A™ glue
  • ideal in water temperatures around 20 °C
  • b-stitched anti-irritation
  • no stitching on the armpits
  • Color: Petals

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