Picture Organic Clothing Eco Wetsuit EQUATION 4/3mm, Front Zip Black Men

EicoPrene replaces neoprene: The ecological PICTURE EQUATION wetsuit is the first choice for environmentally conscious surfers

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Eco Wetsuit EQUATION  4/3mm, Front Zip


Traditional neoprene suits are based on petroleum products that harm the environment. The French brand Picture Organic Clothing manufactures its wetsuits with the innovative EicoPrene technology and therefore sets a new benchmark for environmentally friendly wetsuits.

What makes the EQUATION an eco-friendly wetsuit?

The EQUATION consists of 80% EicoPrene, 15% recycled polyamide and 10% recycled polyester. This means that the manufacturer uses only environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

EicoPrene is a mix of 70% limestone and 30% recycled tyres. The material is environmentally friendly, anti-allergic, skin-friendly, robust and elastic. It offers the technical properties of neoprene without the use of petroleum.

The parts are glued with the solvent-free water-based Aqua-A ™ adhesive. The outer lining of PICTURE's EQUATION is made of recycled polyester or polyamide obtained from fishing nets.

Eco wetsuit with 100% stretch for maximum freedom of movement

The designers were inspired by triathlon wetsuits when developing the environmentally friendly and resource-saving EQUATION 4/3 mm wetsuit. The suit sits like a second skin and supports your performance in water with perfect stretch. The EQUATION is equipped with HYPER STRETCH KNIT at all points that allow for maximum freedom of movement. Thanks to the front zip you can wear and take off the wetsuit easily and there are no seams under the arms, on the chest and around the shoulders for your comfort when paddling. The neck cuff and shoulder area are made of smooth skin to offer better waterproofing. For your comfort when paddling, the lower rib area is protected with additional EicoPrene.

Your wetsuit with 4/3 mm for the mid-season

With its 4 mm thick EicoPrene in the torso area and 3 mm on the arms and legs, the EQUATION eco wetsuit is suitable for the mid-season and in summer when the water is quite fresh. Penetrating water quickly drips out through the drain holes, the knee pads contribute to good durability and the MOTION PATTERNS allow freedom of movement.

Order your EQUATION 4/3 mm front zip from Picture Organic Clothing!

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