Kun_tiqi paulownia Longboard "Performer"

This sustainable balsa wood "Performer" Longboard is made for longboarders who do not wish to sacrifice maneuverability, but who love larger and faster waves.

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Kun_tiqi`s sustainable Paulownia Wood Surfboards

Kuntiqi Wooden Surfboards are handmade by expert shapers in our workshop located in Cantabria, Spain. The manufacturing process of each board takes about 35 hours and is made from sustainably grown paulownia wood cultivated in Spain.

The design of Kuntiqi boards focuses on the preservation of Mother Nature, seeking a perfect balance between lightness, durability and high performance.

Our surfboards are hollow and without fiberglass, this way we manage to create lighter boards and a more sustainable manufacturing process.

Thanks to this revolutionary design we guarantee exceptional durability reducing repairs and dents. By choosing our boards, surfers contribute to the care of the planet.

Join the eco-friendly surfboard revolution! Learn more and see our wide range of models at Kuntiqi.com

Longboard "Performer"

Longboarders who do not wish to sacrifice maneuverability, but who love larger and faster waves, should use our Balsa wood Performer Longboard.

Due to the relatively strong rocker and the narrow tail, this eco- friendly surfboard is very agile and can be surfed from the rear. The V in the bottom allows an easier and faster edge change, enabling more radical surfing.

Two hard- wood stringers give the wooden Longboard extraordinary stability, which is increased by hardwood reinforcements in nose and tail.

The Performer Longboard comes with a US- Finbox, as well as Future Fin Plugs for sidefins.

The optimum conditions are between 1 and 2.5 meters wave height.

  • Length: 9´0´´
  • Width: 22 1/4´´
  • Thickness: 2 3/4´´
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