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Kun_tiqi Balsa Surfboard "Egg"

Kun_tiqi`s sustainable Balsa Wood Eggs are handcrafted by experienced shapers in a labour intensive way.

Keep in mind that our boards are made by hand in our workshop from scratch, the average waiting time since the surfboard is ordered is 8-10 weeks. Please contact us for more information.

Kun_tiqi`s sustainable Balsa Wood Surfboards

Kun­_tiqi´s ecological Balsa wood Surfboards are handcrafted by experienced shapers in a labour intensive way with sustainable balsa wood.
Most of the imported materials are renewable by using 100% balsa wood blanks and vegatable oil based resin. Due to this the surfing community can make their contribution to preserve our planet by surfing this sustainable wooden surfboards.

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Egg Surfboard

This classic Egg shape gives you the chance to get the glide feeling on a small board with easy turns. 
It has perfect glide abilities, feels smooth in turns and is assigned by easy paddling and wave catching.
The Egg gives you a lot of trimming possibilities with the center fin box for bigger fins and two future fin boxes for side fins. 

This Surfboard is also as 5 fin setup available. Please contact us for further information.

6'6'' X 21 1/4'' X 2 5/8''
6'9'' X 21 1/2'' X 2 5/8''

This Balsa Evolutive Surfboard comes with a bio plastic vented leash plug and three Future Fin Plugs. 

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